IMUduino BTLE close-up


The smallest Arduino Leonardo clone, with on-board Bluetooth Low Energy and Real-Time 3D motion sense! Works with newer Android and iPhone devices*

* Android or iPhone devices with on-board Bluetooth 4.0

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femtoduinoUSB vs. penny

Femtoduino USB

The Femtoduino re-designed. The smallest arduino clone now comes with USB. You can upload sketches and debug using the Serial port, getting you up and running faster!

Technical Specifications Notify me.

Femtoduino close-up

Femtoduino The Smallest Arduino clone

The smallest arduino clone, bare bones. A seperate Femtoduino USB, USB to UART adapter, or Arduino is required to load sketches. The femtoduino is perfect for projects where size and/or weight are critical.
Technical Specifications Notify me.

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