IMUduino BTLE close-up


The smallest Arduino Leonardo clone, with on-board Bluetooth Low Energy and Real-Time Orientation/Position sensing! Think wireless control with real-time positioning!
Pictures & Info Pre-order! $79.99 USD Available Aug 31, 2014 IMUduino BTLE 3-Pack » $225.00 USD

femtoduinoUSB vs. penny

Femtoduino USB

The Femtoduino re-designed. The smallest arduino clone now comes with USB. You can upload sketches and debug using the Serial port, getting you up and running faster!

Technical Specifications Buy Now! $24.99 USD

Femtoduino close-up

Femtoduino The Smallest Arduino clone

The smallest arduino clone, bare bones. A seperate Femtoduino USB, USB to UART adapter, or Arduino is required to load sketches. The femtoduino is perfect for projects where size and/or weight are critical.
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The smallest arduino clone, Femtoduino! Now with on-board Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE), and the ability to act as a Keyboard or Mouse input device! Next batch begins shipping July 4th, 2014. This is the single board.

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SKU: fmto-ble

FemtoBLE Shield

Use Femtoduino BLE Shield to easily add Bluetooth Smart Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0 BLE) to your project.

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SKU: fmtobleshld

Femtoduino Shield Kit

This kit breaks out the femtoduino ICSP headers, and has standard 0.1 inch (2.54mm) pitch PCB headers (male). In other words, it makes your femtoduino bread-board friendly!

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SKU: femto-shld-kit


Add motion sensing and real-time positioning to your Femtoduino! The FemtoIMU sports 9/10-DOM/DOF Inertial Measurement units with easy to use Orientation and Motion Sensing libraries. Based on the FreeIMU.

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SKU: fmto-imu-shield

FemtoBT HC-05 Shield

An HC-05 Bluetooth 2.0 shield! This shield stacks on top of the original Femtoduino Shield, giving your femtoduino access to the HC-05 Bluetooth (master or slave configurable) module.

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SKU: fmtobt05

FemtoBT HC-06 Shield

The HC-06 Bluetooth shield! The FemtoBT HC-06 shield stacks on top of the original Femtoduino Shield, giving your femtoduino instant access to the HC-06 Bluetooth 2.0 device (slave only). This allows you to connect an HC-05 module (non shield) to an FTDI breakout board, and have your sketches loaded wirelessly to your femtoduino via the HC-06 Bluetooth to serial module.

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SKU: fmtobt06


FemtoMotor is a tiny break out board for the Freescale MPC17C724 compact monolithic dual channel H-Bridge power IC. You can drive tiny stepper motors with up to 5.5V at a continuous motor drive current of 0.4A

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SKU: femtomotor


A tiny way to add extra I/O pins to your micro controller! Uses TW/I2C, so you can connect a bunch of femtoduino boards together, control a hundred LEDs, and more.

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